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Why Comedy is an Essential Performance Tool

The definition of what a performance should contain is something that can be disputed amongst experts. After all, approaches will generally differ from industry to industry and performer to performer. Here at The Sing Along Waiters, our dazzling duo like to incorporate a dash of comedy and a hint of banter into their act, using their on-stage chemistry and magnetic energy in order to bounce the act of one another and deliver a polished performance that will leave the audience in stitches from laughter! Read on as we go over a few reasons why comedy is an essential performance tool…

The Best Medicine

Everybody has heard that ‘laughter is the best medicine’; however, this saying can actually be supported by scientific evidence. In fact, a study carried out by the University of Oxford found that laughing releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals known as endorphins that actually have the ability to ease pain and make us feel better regardless of how melancholy a person may be feeling. As a result, comedy is the perfect component to implement during a performance, especially at a singing waiter gig. After all, every wedding couple wants their guests to leave in high spirits!

Constant Entertainment

One of the biggest things that a singing waiter has to master is the ability to control an audience. After all, two people against a crowd of beady eyes can be overwhelming if you aren’t comfortable in the spotlight. Our dynamic duo, Maurice and Darren, have perfected their ability to intuitively read an audience over a combined 20 years’ experience in the industry and discovered that the use of comedy reigns supreme every time. After all, it helps keep the audience on their toes and constantly entertained by the performance, rather than losing their attention to smartphones midway through.


Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique and polished performance that is suitable for a wide variety of events. After all, Maurice and Darren are able to alter their approach in order to adhere to weddings, Christmas parties, office parties, christenings, stag do’s and much more! In fact, their use of comedy provides a hint of originality that cannot be found with other singing waiters on the market as our terrific twosome never deliver a stock performance that could be easily replicated by anyone with a microphone. In fact, their charisma is what makes The Sing Along Waiters the hottest ticket around!

Maurice and Darren, the brains behind The Sing Along Waiters, make a conscious effort to deliver a polished performance like the one that was advertised. With this said, they are also incredibly adaptable and are more than happy to tone down the comedy in their act in order to make it suitable for the guests or event. After all, whilst comedy may be an essential performance tool, it must be used appropriately and effectively in order to get the best results from the audience. To find out more information about our services, get in contact with the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer and speak to our dazzling duo today!


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