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The Secrets to Maintaining Audience Engagement

The minute a singing waiter reveals the secret and takes a hold of the microphone, it is important that they are able to keep their audience entertained throughout the entire performance. Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we are proud to offer a service that our double act, Maurice and Darren, have perfected over 20 years in the business; intuitively reading and bouncing off their audiences throughout each and every performance with the utmost professionalism. Read on as we go through a few of the insider secrets that are essential to keeping an audience engaged…

Shock and Surprise

In order to start a performance on the right track, it is important that a singing waiter can master the shock and surprise aspect of their role perfectly. Some businesses will have their waiter make a commotion, such as falling over, in order to attract attention, however Maurice and Darren prefer to blend in with the serving staff until the big moment. This way the audience will be completely dumbfounded when our dazzling duo swap the apron for the dancefloor and belt out some of the biggest hits.

Banter and Wit

Although it is important that a singing water can hit all the right notes, they also need a personality that can entertain too. After all, an audience will quickly lose interest if the performance doesn’t deliver more than cover tracks. The Sing Along Waiters believe that banter and wit are the secret ingredient to a polished performance. In fact, Darren and Maurice bounce their act off one another and use their on-stage chemistry in order to keep an audience dancing, singing and laughing until the very end.

Audience Involvement

The last thing that guests want to do is sit and watch an act perform for an entire hour, which is the average length of a performance package here at The Sing Along Waiters. After all, weddings and Christmas parties are all about eating, drinking and making a fool of yourself! That’s why we actively encourage our audience to get involved in every way; clapping, singing and dancing their way through some of the biggest hits of the past century. With this said, our act can be tailored per event which allows clients to choose how lively or refined our performance is. After all, whilst audience involvement is important, we also want to respect the clients wishes.

When you book with The Sing Along Waiters, we make it our mission to deliver a performance like never before. After all, your event should be the one to remember for all the right reasons! Maurice and Darren use their infectious personalities, on-stage chemistry and decades of experience in order to fine tune a performance that can be easily adapted to suit an audience perfectly. To surprise your weddings guests like never before or put on the best Christmas party the office has ever seen, get in contact with the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer today!


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