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The Characteristics of an Exceptional Singing Waiter

With the singing waiter industry on the rise, it is important that we are able to emphasise our USP here at The Sing Along Waiters. In fact, we like to believe that there isn’t an act on the market that can deliver a polished performance as memorable as our dazzling duo, Maurice and Darren, can! After all, they have managed to perfect their trade over 20 magical years in the industry, cementing themselves as one of the best double acts in the country. Read on to find out some of the characteristics that can be found in an exceptional singing waiter…


Being able to control an audience is an important quality that a singing waiter must possess. After all, every crowd is different, and it is likely that something that worked for one audience may not be a hit with another. Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we are ecstatic to say that Maurice and Darren are able to intuitively read their audience, a skill that has been honed through decades of experience, in order to adapt their performance appropriately for the crowd. In fact, their on-stage chemistry and perfect application of banter and wit ensures that everyone will have a good time!


An exceptional singing waiter never dupes their audience by miming and that is why singing talent is an important part of the job description. After all, banter and wit count for nothing without the ability to hit the big notes and deliver a show stopping vocal performance. Maurice and Darren have been a part of the singing waiter industry for two decades which means that they take what they do incredibly seriously. In fact, taking care of their voice is of the upmost importance and that is why our dazzling duo never strain their vocal chords in order to ensure that they can deliver on the big day!


Making sure that the client receives value for money is an important part of a singing waiter’s performance. After all, there is nothing worse than a crowd full of disappointed faces because the entertainment didn’t live up to expectations. That is why Maurice and Darren liaise closely with the client/event coordinator in order to ensure that the entire performance runs smoothly on the big day. In addition to this, we also offer different performance options including Singing Waiters, Surprise Singers and Undercover Singing Guests, as well as the opportunity to select a scenario of your choosing, in order to offer as much creative control to the client as possible.

Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we understand the importance of entertainment at an event. After all, it has to have an entertainment value that appeals to the guests whilst also being suitable for the occasion in question. Luckily, a singing waiter is a versatile act that can be adapted in order to meet the requirements of the happy couple, event organiser or gift giver! Our terrific twosome, Maurice and Darren, have all the characteristics of an exceptional singing waiter act, and more, and are guaranteed to leave your guests crying with laughter and singing at the top of their lungs! To find out more information about what makes a good singing waiter, get in contact with the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer today!


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