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How a Singing Waiter Keeps Their Voice Healthy

When your job relies so heavily on your voice, like ours does here at The Sing Along Waiters, it is important to take several precautions in order to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition. After all, the voice is an instrument that requires delicate and consistent care. Our dazzling duo, Maurice and Darren, believe that an authentic powerhouse vocal performance is the star attraction of a singing waiter; entertaining guests from the minute they swap out the apron for the microphone. Read on as we go through three important things that help keep our voices healthy and ready to perform …


When we talk or sing, our vocal cord vibrates in order to create sound. Due to this, there is a mucosal lining that protects them from the friction that takes place during vocalisation. Without this moisture, the flexibility of the vocal chords becomes compromised which can make it difficult for a performer to hit notes and can result in inflammation or swelling. It is very important that a performer recognises the importance of hydration and drinks enough water in order to keep their vocal chords limber.

Don’t Misuse or Abuse

Just like rhythm and balance are essential components in dance, the voice is what makes or breaks a singer and it is important to take care of your instrument both on and off stage. After all, technique and breath support will account for nothing if you misuse and abuse your voice on your down time. Our performances here at The Sing Along Waiters are vocally-dependant which means that we have to take care not to overwork or tire our vocal chords. In fact, we take every event very seriously and feel privileged to be a part of our client’s special moments in life, which is why we prioritise vocal health so we can deliver a memorable show that will shock, dazzle and amaze.

Warm Ups

Behind every performance there are hours upon hours of hard work, persistence and sacrifice. After all, many people do not see what goes on behind the scenes in order to finalise the fine details and develop a polished performance that is fit for delivery. One of the most important preparations that a singer can carry out are warm up exercises. After all, singing uses various muscles and it is just as important to warm them up before a performance, just like you would warm up before running a big race. From lip trills to piano scales; warming up your voice can reduce vocal damage, improve breath support and reduce tension before a big show.

Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we work hard in order to deliver a service that is memorable for all the right reasons which is why we take vocal health very seriously. After all, no amount of wit and banter can make up for a poor vocal performance! By paying attention to the voice both on and off the stage, a performer can ensure that they aren’t causing irreparable damage. With over 20 years’ experience between them, Maurice and Darren are regarded as one of the best double acts in the UK; honing their control of the audience over the years in order to deliver the polished performance that every client deserves. To find out more information, get in control with the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of The Sing Along Waiters team today!


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