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Busting the Biggest Myths About Singing Waiters

If you’re in charge of the office Christmas party this year and have found yourself looking for entertainment with an unexpected twist to dazzle the guests, a singing waiter can be the perfect way to get the party started. After all, there’s no better way to catch your colleagues by surprise! Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we love seeing the disbelief of an audience when we grab the microphone and start belting out some of the biggest tunes of the past century! Read on as we bust some of the biggest myths within our industry and clear up any misunderstandings…

Myth: You only need to hire one waiter

Whilst it is true that many events will book just one singing waiter to perform solo, we work as a duo here at The Sing Along Waiters. In fact, many experts of the industry will recommend that an event hire multiple singing waiters, especially if there is a big guest list, as this can help keep the room completely entertained. After all, people are likely to whip out their phones the minute they lose visual of the performer. By working as a team, Maurice and Darren are able to bounce their act off one another; delivering a thrilling performance from start to finish to keep each and every guest engaged.

Myth: Singing waiters mime!

Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we are proud to say that every performance by our double act is 100% authentic! After all, anybody can grab a microphone, but it takes an expert to deliver a professional show like we can. In fact, a performance by a singing waiter is an incredibly intimate affair which means that the guests would be able to suss out a lip-syncing performer almost immediately. Since the singing waiter industry is based around surprise vocal performances, Maurice and Darren take their act very seriously and never dupe paying customers by miming.

Myth: It’s too expensive

There are no set prices when it comes to booking a singing waiter and this means that costs can differ from company to company. Unfortunately, this can lead to a misinterpretation that the entire industry is unaffordable and doesn’t offer much value in return for the prices that they charge. Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we say it is time to separate fact from fiction once and for all! After all, we pride ourselves on the unbeatable entertainment and incredible value for money we are able to offer during our performance. From disguising ourselves as a member of the catering team and handing our canapés, to the big reveal and surprise performance; Maurice and Darren pull out all the stops in order to make your event the one to remember.

It is important that a client has all the information they require at their disposal in order to make an educated decision before a booking. Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we have over 20 years’ experience in the industry which makes us the experts to trust! After all, it can be difficult to confidently rely on the information you find online. As the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer, we can guarantee a performance filled with wit, banter and charm! If you have a question about booking a singing waiter for your event, get in contact with the dazzling duo themselves, Maurice and Darren, today!


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