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3 Events That Are Perfect For a Singing Waiter

Here at The Sing Along Waiters, we know that planning the perfect party is no easy feat. After all, our team work hand in hand with our clients and have witnessed first-hand the sheer enormity of the planning process. With this said, we believe entertainment is the essence of every event and therefore urge our readers to make this decision carefully. Luckily, a singing waiter is versatile, which means that our amazing double act, Maurice and Darren, are able to alter their performance to suit any and every event. Read on to find out the top three events that can be entertained by a singing waiter…


At this type of event, the performer disguises themselves as a server during the formal meal in order to surprise the guests when they grab the microphone and start belting out some of the biggest hits. In fact, weddings are the most popular event for a singing waiter and even though they are regularly booked with the intention to shock the guests, they are also booked as a gift for the newlyweds!

Christmas Parties

A festive party often involves free-flowing alcohol, glitter and lots of chocolate; however, it is vital that you break up the evening with something a little different. Just like at a wedding, a singing waiter can also disguise themselves as a member of the catering team until the big reveal, surprising your guests and cementing your Christmas party as the one to beat!

Birthday Parties

A singing waiter should be able to control their audience effectively and cater their performance appropriately. Our dynamic duo has learned a lot over their time in the industry and believe that adapting a performance for a birthday party is simple, yet effective. In fact, with the perfect douse of banter and charm, a dazzling vocal performance by Maurice and Darren is entertainment that will give your birthday party guests something to talk about for a while!

Our terrific twosome, Maurice and Darren, have been working in the singing waiter industry for almost 20 years and during this time, they have perfected their craft in order to become the best on the market. Whether you are planning the wedding of the year or want to celebrate your 50th birthday in style, Maurice and Darren have got the entertainment covered! To find out more information about the variety events we can cater for, get in contact with the finest singing waiters Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of The Sing Along Waiters team today!


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