Important information regarding Covid-19 

2020 & 2021 will go down as two of the most challenging and difficult years of recent memory.

Along with the terrible loss of life, whole industries have been decimated and the UK wedding industry (which is worth £10 billion a year) has been devastated and businesses have had to bear the brunt of losing almost an entire years’ worth of revenue.

At the Sing Along Waiters, we have been working closely with all of our clients to help, accommodate, council and work with every one of them to find the best possible outcome for each individual situation.

We have postponed over 100 dates so far and done our utmost to make sure that we are as fair and co-operative as we can possibly be, moving dates at no extra cost and spending literally hours on the phone and keyboard re organising admin, contracts, payments as well as helping our clients through what is a really upsetting time.

We have joined the Association of British Wedding Businesses in order to keep a really close eye of industry trends as well as making sure that the information we give is correct and up to date.

We decided to do a small FAQ for this page and add a couple of links to help explain some further information that may be helpful to you.

Q. We have to rearrange our wedding date due to Covid 19 – what do we do next?

A. Our advice has been to liaise carefully with your venue and other suppliers. We will move your date at no extra cost and re-issue all relevant paperwork, confirmations and contracts. If in the event of us not being available on your new date we can offer performers from our other company Surprise Shows Ltd, also at no extra cost.


Q. What happens to my booking fee?

A. Your booking fee is transferred over to your new date and all paperwork is re-issued


Q. If I cancel outright is the booking fee retained?

A. Obviously, we understand how difficult this situation is and the upsetting decisions our clients sometimes have to make.

The non-returnable booking is retained in order to cover the costs of the time and work we have already done for the booking and the running costs of the business (insurances, maintenance, equipment, technology, operating licenses, advertising, product development and so on).

Probably the best way we can explain it is our fees break down into two parts.

  • The non-returnable booking fee (which is taken from the final balance) is to cover the cost our time leading up to the date and other running costs of the business.

  • The final balance covers the cost of the performance. Hence the requirement of booking fee at the time of booking and the final balance one month prior to the day.



Q . Do we have to pay the final balance if we have to cancel the wedding due to Covid 19?

A. Usually if you cancel your event within a certain time, as per the terms and conditions of the contract you may be liable to a cancellation fee. (less than 1% of weddings as are booked with 3 months lead time so a new replacement booking is virtually impossible)

If you have to cancel due to a local lock down or other Covid 19 related sanctions we would not require the final balance to be paid and would obviously work with you to rearrange the date.

If you cancelled outright and did not look to choose a new date, only the non-returnable booking fee would be retained.


We are available to discuss any further details or questions you may have. This has been an incredibly stressful and difficult time for everyone and our main aim is to be as accommodating and helpful as we possibly can.

We will always be fair to our clients and still take a great deal of responsibility to help you create amazing memories.

We appreciate you understanding and patience during this unprecedented time and we know together we will get through it.


Links to Association of British Wedding Businesses Explanation of CMA Guidance on Weddings & Refunds