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The Sing Along Waiters are the UK's finest surprise singing waiters show, the perfect choice for Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties who will surprise your audience with superb harmonies, laughter and a wealth of amazing music to grace any occasion.

With over 25 years' experience performing together at countless Events, Weddings and Corporate Engagements all over the world, this isn't your average show, Maurice & Darren work together as a professional duo full time and have done since the 1990's (they've been friends since school), they are widely regarded as one of the best double acts in the country. 

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The intuitive reading and control of their audience has been honed through decades of experience, they understand that every performance large and small is important to the client. 


The fun and infectious personalities they have, along with incredible on-stage chemistry and an almost magnetic energy to get people having a great time, masks the fact that they take what they do incredibly seriously, they consider themselves to be very lucky to share their client’s special moments in life and give each event the professionalism it deserves.

This means when you book The Sing Along Waiters for your special event, you know that unlike other shows, you will have a polished performance from the two artistes advertised - not stock performers from a group.

The Sing Along Waiters bring style, professionalism, witty banter and so much more to any event. With a truly memorable introduction and a show stopping finale, you and your guests will be talking about their performance for weeks and even years after!


Prior to your event, the guys will liaise closely with you or your event co-ordinator to ensure a smooth run up, making sure all of the fine details are in place and on the day of performance they will work with the room manager to make sure they integrate seamlessly with the venue staff. They will assist with the service, the pouring of drinks and other waiter roles, so your guests will really not see the surprise coming!

And remember, they can perform at any type of event, you don't even need to be having a formal meal!

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The years of experience they have amassed makes it much easier for them to be able to react to any situation perfectly and they are experts in thinking on their feet when needed! The show can be tailored for your event and can be a lively as you would like or more refined if required. 


Add to all of this, the equipment they use is of the highest quality and they can provide back ground music and the use of microphones for speeches, meaning your event will be truly bespoke.

From start to finish both onstage and off, Maurice and Darren set themselves extremely high standards, the eye for detail, the knowledge and understanding are keys to create extraordinary experiences through music, laughter, amazing vocals, harmonies, client service and genuine kindness and thoughtfulness.

Whatever your entertainment requirement, put your trust in The Sing Along Waiters, experts in celebration and event professionals.

More than just music.

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